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Hi, Chris here. I’m a local family man based in Herefordshire. With my local knowledge

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Chimney Repointing

A Chimney Stack must be kept in good condition to enable it to be weatherproof. Ineffective pointing can lead to rapid deterioration in damp conditions which may lead to expensive work such as having the intire stack rebuilt.

Chimneys should be checked on a regular basis for potential problems and repairs can be carried out as soon as they are required. Mortar deteriorates with age so need for repair is very common.


Inside- Water staining on the ceiling or around the chimney breast or even lower down near the fireplace itself. If it is lower down the building the problem could be due to the flue and the fireplace will need to be completely sealed. Dampness inside of the home can sometimes indicate peoblems with the Chimney Stack itself.

Outside- Broken, cracked pots or cracks in the mortar. Also look for mortar missing from between the bricks. If the stack is not in the vertical position and leaning.

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Having been a builder previously to becoming a professional chimney sweep, i have great skills in repairing and rebuilding damaged chimneys. This combined with my deep knowledge of how a chimney or flue should be in order to function correctly and safely gives you a great service with satisfaction guaranteed.