About the Sweep

Hi, Chris here. I’m a local family man based in Herefordshire. With my local knowledge

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About the Sweep

picture of chris the oak tree chimney sweepHi, Chris here.

I’m a local family man based in Herefordshire.

With my local knowledge of these areas I can cover just about anywhere, and am always striving to deliver the best possible service to all my customers both existing and new.

I have invested time and effort to fully understand my trade and have been accepted by the GUILD OF MASTER SWEEPS, recognised through out both the United Kingdom and all across Europe, it is in fact the first choice for such services. I have the best tools and equipment, and more importantly knowledge to deal with any customers circumstances.

With both sound knowledge and expert equipment, I deliver what I believe to be one of the cleanest friendliest and competent services available at very competitive prices.

I will always go to great effort whilst carrying out my sweeps to talk customers through the following things.

What equipment i am using for the sweep and why.

What methods i am using and why.

What condition your chimney is in and why.

What burning methods are best for your chimney and or appliance and why.

To put your mind at ease, in the rare and very unlikely event of a spillage or accident, you can relax knowing I am fully insured. Any such unlikely events would be addressed immediately with the greatest attention.

I have yet to have to claim on my insurance for any mess or damage caused whilst sweeping chimneys. This in large is down to having the finest knowledge and equipment to keep your home in tip top condition.

So whatever your requirements from a simple sweep right up to having your chimney stack rebuilt, and anything in-between please do not hesitate to give me a call for some friendly, free and sound advice.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

All the best, Chris TEL : 079727-42157             Contact Us